Mitchell Saranow served as the director of the Juvenile Protective Association (JPA) for three decades and additionally acted as its president for three years. In 2011, JPA recognized Mitchell Saranow with its Distinguished Service Award. JPA provides a range of services for children and their families. These programs primarily divide into three categories: treatment and counseling, support groups, and school services.

Both children and families can come to the organization for counseling, couples therapy, group sessions, and parenting education. The organization employs highly skilled professionals to address concerns at hand. Therapists collaborate with parents and children to identify the best type of counseling or therapy for each individual situation. In general, treatment seeks to identify the good attributes and habits of the parties involved and build upon them in hopes of creating a better future.

The groups at JPA provide a supportive environment in which parents can learn how to raise a family successfully. Parents meet regularly in groups to share experiences and discuss their challenges. The groups provide a neutral territory for the discussion of key ideas to facilitate mutual learning.

The JPA school project, called Building Bridges to North Lawndale, offers counseling services to distressed children identified by parents, teachers, or other school officials. Ultimately, the program aims to equip children with the tools and skills they need to make the most of their education experience and build the foundation for a promising future.